Sunday, 8 May 2011


I think its safe to assume that it is impossible, literally impossible, to go through 3 years of uni and to not procrastinate. I just cant get enough of procrastination lately. Hence why I'm writing on here actually. At this precise moment, I have two essays to write and an exam to study for. I've dragged myself to the library, 11am on a flipping Sunday just to sit and do what exactly what I was doing at my flat. It a catch 22 situation, as each minute goes by I get more and more pissed off at myself yet pulled deeper into the black hole of procrastination. GRRRRRRR. I guess now I am here, trapped by my pathetic will power and miserable self-dicipline, there isn't much else I can do but carry on writing....

I shouldn't really be too harsh on myself. My new iphone 4 (!!!) is also to blame for my lack of studying. Really, I know its cliche, but I have been missing out. I love this thing. Twitter, Facebook, Whats App all just a touch really is irresistible. Perfect tool to aid my procrastination! It really is harder for students living in 2011 to study without any distractions. 20, 10 or even 5 years ago (when I was a Sixth Former) we didn't have iphones, facebook, twitter, Sky Plus. Some of us barely had laptops. A trip to the library meant a trip to the library. 5/6 solid hours working and not inbetween Facebook status updates. Thanks Mark Zuckerberg, Murdoch and Apple Makers. How dare you enhance your technology while I'm still at uni. My degree classification is currently declining every time you guys advance your technology. So no more please.

On a brighter note, I currently have 15 days left of uni. Holy.Shit. Actually.... that is a bloody scary thought. Maybe not so bright after all. Despite all my incessant moaning about uni work, I think I will miss uni so bloody much it will hurt. Don't get me wrong, I want money (lots), I want to work and procrastinate and be paid to do it. I want to have my own place and a car and working provides all this. But at a price. A harsh price indeed. Only 2 sociable days of the week. Tax. 2 weeks annual leave. These things are foreign to the student bubble I reside in. It will be a smack to reality I'm sure.  

Well, I have 15 days to get used to the idea whether I like it or not.

I shall now attempt to start my essay. And try to enjoy it while I can.