Monday, 8 August 2011

London Today

So this weekend London has seen riots and violence all throughout its (socially deprived) boroughs. It all started because of the fuzzy death of Mark Duggan by the police. Some say he was shooting at the police, others say he would never do such a thing. Either way his life was lost sadly and Londoners are angry. Peaceful protests have reportedly taken place standing for justice in his name but I feel many mindless idiots have completely ruined this in cause for a pair of J.D trainers.

Buildings such as Carpet Right and Iceland are being burnt down. Ladbrokes, as I type this, is being destroyed by  a baseball bat in the hand of a mindless individual in Mayor Street. I use the word 'mindless' because that is exactly what it is. They are not standing up for a cause. They are not sending out a direct message. They are looting and destroying their own high street stores that have served them for years. How can I not help but think these are a bunch of idiots just selfishly destroying their society for their own fun and gain?

I say all of this in a defensive way because it annoys me the amount of people who are giving these thugs an excuse and sympathy. These people claim "if you treat people like beasts they will act like beasts" and go on to claim they have been let down by society and the government. What fucking ever. This government house these people, society give their money to these people. This is not acceptable and it does my head in to think some people think it is. Many people live in poverty and they do not go around smashing their community up. They need to take a good look at themselves and realise, even if it is to create a voice for themselves in the name of justice, they have just taken ten steps backwards and continue to do so.

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